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McLaughlin Road corridor project

The City is planning to improve McLaughlin Road corridor, from Bristol Road West to Britannia Road West.


We are planning road improvements to McLaughlin Road Scenic Route corridor. The project will enhance safety and accessibility for pedestrians, cyclists and transit users while preserving the adjacent wood lot. Planned road improvements are supported by the Cycling Master Plan and will help advance the City’s Vision Zero policy. 

Map of the study area, covering McLaughlin Road from Bristol Road West in the South to Britannia Road West in the North.

To streamline the planning, funding, public engagement, design and construction phases of the project, the City is taking an integrated approach. This approach will help to reduce redundancy, minimize disruptions to the community and ensure all planned improvements are aligned and coordinated. 

The project will focus on road safety following the Vision Zero Action Plan, intersection controls, street lighting, active transportation and transit infrastructure. The improvements will be made while preserving the Scenic Route and adjacent wood lot. 

Improvements include (but are not limited to): 

  • Pavement rehabilitation 
  • Curb replacements and realignment 
  • Street light pole replacements and illumination upgrades 
  • Additional boulevard trees 
  • Utility relocations (where required) 
  • Improved sidewalks 
  • New cycling facilities along the entire corridor 
  • New traffic signals at Regal Drive, Avonwick Avenue, and Faith Drive/Parkwood Place for safer pedestrian and cyclist crossings 
  • Crossrides at all signalized and non-signalized intersections 
  • Protected intersections (exact configuration to be confirmed during detailed design) 
  • Transit stop improvements 

We have completed the planning and preliminary design study. The preliminary design (also called “preferred design alternative”) was selected based on technical evaluation and community feedback. The project is now in the detailed design phase. Learn more about how we will address neighbourhood concerns. 


On January 14, 2016, the City issued a Notice of Study Completion for the review of the final Environmental Study Report (ESR). However, on February 24, 2016, Council passed a resolution to remove the McLaughlin Road improvement project from the City’s Capital Program for the lifespan of the Class EA documentation. Following the resolution, the City formally withdrew its Notice of Study Completion for the Class EA Study. 

Following the resolution and withdrawal, the City initiated a planning and preliminary design study for road improvements to McLaughlin Road Scenic Route corridor. The project is planned under ‘Schedule A+’ of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process (October 2000, as amended in 2015), which is approved under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act. 

For more information about this project, please contact the Project Lead:

Jacqueline Hunter, TDM Coordinator

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