Buy and sell ice time

If you’re no longer able to use your contracted ice time, or you’re looking to buy available ice time, you can use the City of Mississauga’s buy and sell ice program.

Buy ice time

The following list is the available ice times, dates, and locations. To book, call our Customer Service Centre on 905-615-4100, option 2.

Once you’ve booked your ice time, you cannot get a refund or change your time. We won’t sell ice time for less than the original purchase price.

If you have your own insurance, your broker must complete a City of Mississauga Insurance Certificate. If you do not have your own insurance, the City of Mississauga has mandatory liability user insurance.

Sell ice time

To sell ice time that you can no longer use through the City of Mississauga, please complete the following online form.

Sell ice time

You can sell your ice time up to two business days before your booked event. If your time remains unsold, the original contract holder is responsible for the ice time.