Special event licence

A special event could be a community gathering, cultural celebration, social gathering, sporting event, temporary farmer’s market, the grand opening of a business or other similar events.

Vendors who don’t have an annual business licence from the City of Mississauga will need a special event licence to participate in a special event.

When you need a licence

You need a special event licence if the event:

  • Is held on private or public property
  • Includes vendors selling any product or service
  • Proceeds are donated to charity
  • Includes products or services given out for free, but paid for by the event organizer

The event coordinator applies for a special event licence on behalf of every participating vendor. The event coordinator must also ensure that each vendor included on the licence has valid insurance and passes all required inspections.

How to apply

1. Complete your application

Collect the required documents from each vendor and complete your Special Event Licence Application and event organizer participation agreement.

2. Submit your application

In person by appointment only. Schedule an appointment using the Mobile Business Licensing Reservation System or by mail to: Mobile Licensing, 3235 Mavis Road, Mississauga, ON L5B 4A3.

3. Pay the licence fees

Special Event Licenses are $59.94 per vendor or $37.40 for City-affiliated groups. There are additional fees for events that last more than 5 days.

At your event

A Mobile Licensing Enforcement Officer will inspect each vendor and may ask for a copy of all vendor documents to make sure they are properly licensed.

Keep copies of your application documents and the vendor documents with you during the event to avoid the possibility of fines or a vendor being shut down.

Contact us

If you have any questions, call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits) or contact us online.