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Every day people determine they want to "get in shape" or "lose weight" or "take better care of themselves". These good intentions usually occur after a visit to the doctor's office, or perhaps as a new year's resolution or maybe because of a special life event approaching.

The initial motivation for making a life change is great and usually gets us started. However, people tend to revert back to their old habits relatively soon because they aren't seeing quick enough results. We are always in a hurry to get the "new and improved" that we often forget that we didn't get "out" of shape overnight. Usually it has taken years of flawed choices or oversights to get us very comfortable with the inactive lifestyle that a majority of us now lead.

A healthy active lifestyle is about making clear, focused decisions on a daily basis. It's not about cutting food groups out of your diet, or learning to run a marathon. It is about following Canada's food guide, drinking water and being physically active every day. It's about making knowledgeable choices and understanding the significance of each and every choice we make. By making the choice to walk to the store instead of driving we positively affect our health, our environment and our finances. If we choose to learn about proper portions of food and the difference between "all we can eat" versus "all we should eat" we can make a positive impact on our health.

So take some time to browse our website. Gather some information; get started on making some small efforts, repeated day in and day out. You can't help but be successful!

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