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Confucius must have been thinking about daily physical activity when developing this quote. Often physical activity is thought of as something for "younger people". There is a mistaken belief that a person can not be physically active because they are too old. In fact the opposite is true. Daily physical activity is vital for good health as we grow older.

The statement "use it or lose it" is a statement of truth when applied to our bodies. To explain how lack of use can make our bodies seem older consider this explanation from Dr. Walter Bortz of Stanford University Medical School, the past president of the American Geriatrics Society who uses the analogy of a leg in a cast. Although the leg in a cast shrivels, weakens and looks old, it doesn't age. That "old looking, old-functioning leg" will become vital and active again with exercise, but it won't become younger.

To ensure we don't become weak and withered we must be physical active every day. Daily physical activity and good nutrition can increase self-sufficiency and vitality regardless of age. Get Active Mississauga can make information and opportunities available for daily physical activity. Just browse our web site, talk to your doctor about daily physical activity and make those small steps, be active "so long as you don't stop."


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