Library Board

The Library Board recently approved revised Board Ends
Mississauga Public Library Board Members (2018-2022)

Margot Almond, Ward 1 Resident
Priscilla Mak, Ward 6 Resident
Antonio Maraschiello, Ward 3 Resident
Wahab Mirjan, Ward 6 Resident
Val Ohori, Ward 1 Resident
Laura Naismith, Ward 6 Resident
Carol Williams, Ward 10 Resident
Councillor John Kovac (Ward 4)
Councillor Matt Mahoney (Ward 8)

Library Board Members are expected to serve in their roles in a diligent and responsible manner upholding the letter and spirit of the Code of Conduct for Local Boards as well as perform their duties in a manner that promotes public confidence.

The Mississauga Library System is one of the largest public library systems in Canada with over 300,000 registered users, 18 locations to serve you, including a multi-floor Central Library with material allocated by subject areas.

The Mississauga Public Library Board is made up of citizens appointed by City Council for a 4-year term. Most meetings are open and take place on the third Wednesday of each month.

Library Board members may be contacted through:
Lori Kelly
Director of Library Services
Mississauga Library System
301 Burnhamthorpe Road W
Mississauga, ON L5B 3Y3
Tel: 905-615-3200 x 4988
Fax: 904-615-3625


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