Tales of Textiles

Share a piece of clothing or outfit, and the story of its significance for a chance to be featured in a museum exhibition.


The New Youth Council is organizing Tales of Textiles, an exhibition about the outfits that define us. We are looking for Mississauga residents of all ages to apply for a chance to share an outfit and their story at the Museums of Mississauga.

Tales of Textiles will be shown in Benares Historic House from April 28 to May 22. This curated selection of outfits and their tales will be displayed alongside rarely seen historical items pulled from the Museums’ permanent collection.


We welcome submissions from people of all ages. No previous experience with a museum necessary. All you need is an outfit and your story!

Please review the frequently asked questions before submitting the online application.

Frequently asked questions

Mississauga residents of any age can submit an outfit and the story behind it. Youth under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian consent to their participation.

There is no application fee.

Deadline for submissions is 11:59 p.m. EST on April 18, 2022.

Applicants will be notified through email whether their application is successful or not by April 20, 2022. If requested, The New Youth Council can provide feedback to individuals whose applications are not accepted.

To complete the application process, you will need to submit the following through the online Tales of Textiles exhibition application form:

  • A description of your story and the significance of the piece of clothing/outfit in 300 words or less. At minimum, explain the emotions or memories associated with it, the event or occasion you had worn it for, and how it relates to your life in Mississauga.
  • A brief explanation (100 words or less) of why you want to see your outfit displayed at Benares Historic House.
  • Photos (maximum of 8) of the piece of clothing/outfit. The outfit can be two articles of clothing (top and bottom) or one large article (such as a dress or robe). Shoes and accessories, like hats and scarves, can also be submitted.

Applications do not have to be completed in perfect English. In fact, we welcome applications in any language. The New Youth Council will follow up if more details are required.

If you are one of the successful applicants, your outfit will be displayed as part of the Tales of Textiles exhibition at Benares Historic House from April 28 to May 22.

Successful applicants will need to loan the article of clothing/outfit to the museum for the full duration of the exhibition. As such, please do not submit an application with an outfit that you cannot loan for at least four weeks.

The New Youth Council and City of Mississauga staff will provide assistance with set-up and take-down for the exhibition, but you will be responsible for transporting your items to and from the Benares Historic House.

About The New Youth Council

The New Youth Council (TNYC) is a volunteer group of Mississauga students supporting the work of the Museums of Mississauga within the City’s Culture Division. TNYC is passionate about art, culture, and heritage, and works to provide local youth with access to education, leadership, and career development opportunities in the creative sector.


For more information, please contact TNYC Staff Supervisor, Elizabeth Underhill, by email at elizabeth.underhill@mississauga.ca.