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The hall officially opened in October 1928. It immediately attracted people from as far away as Toronto for St. Peter’s Annual November Fowl suppers. The Now and Then Club and the Women’s Institute met there, as well as other local groups, including Girl Guides and Boy Scouts. The hall hosted many weddings and showers. In 1946, Toronto Township Board of Education operated the hall as a classroom beginning in September 1946 through 1947 to teach classes 1 and 2 of Springfield School.

During the fifties use of the hall increased with a wide range of users. They included teen town dances, dance lessons, weddings, church services and church young peoples’ meetings, polling stations, local meetings, recitals and talent shows. One of the favourites was an annual variety show organized and directed by Evelyn Crickmore. Many emerging churches have used the hall as a temporary house of worship.

Erindale Hall yields information that contributes to an understanding of that community. In Mississauga, community halls are a relic of pre-amalgamation. They yield information about the “village” culture that existed before Mississauga became a city. Community halls remind us that Mississauga is a collection of smaller communities.

Moreover, they are reminiscent of Mississauga’s rural roots, before the postwar building boom. Specifically they recall a time when community halls were essential to village culture. At the hall’s opening, Lieutenant Governor W.D. Ross praised the fundraising efforts of the Women’s Institute saying that “they could not overestimate the value of the work done by them to make life less lonely and to bring men and women in closer fellowship.” The hall is a testament to the importance with which the early twentieth century esteemed the notion of community.


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