A Heat Warning has been issued for the City of Mississauga starting Monday June 17.  Stay cool at one of our outdoor swimming pools & spray pad locations throughout the City.

Before visiting the pool

Before you visit your local pool here are a few tips to help ensure you and your family have an enjoyable swim.

Pool and holiday closures

Check your scheduled swimming lesson is still taking place. Some lessons may have breaks due to holidays or facility closures. Check at the pool or your program confirmation receipt for break dates.

Break dates for recreational swims will be posted at the pool and on the website.

Pool and change room rules

In the swimming pool

  • Tie long hair back or wear a bathing cap
  • Bathing attire must be clean, gender-appropriate swimwear suitable for a public pool. If you don’t have bowel or bladder control, you must wear a garment that restricts leakage around the waist and legs.
  • Staying in the hot tub for more than 15 minutes may be excessive for some. Overexposure may cause fainting. Cooldown periodically and leave the hot tub if you feel nausea or dizziness. Follow the lifeguard’s instructions.
  • If you have a serious medical condition, you should be accompanied by a person knowledgeable of the condition and responsible for your direct supervision.

In the changing room

  • Male and female change rooms are designed with open space changing. Children 6 years of age accompanied by a parent or guardian of the opposite gender may change in the opposite gender change room. Where only gender-specific change rooms are available, children seven years of age or older must use gender-specific change rooms.
  • Family change rooms may be used by all pool customers. Everyone must change in a private change cubicle.
  • Community change rooms are for all pool customers. All participants must change in private change cubicles. These facilities have on-deck showers.

Keep the pool clean

Pool fouling can close our pools for up to 24 hours. These tips will help keep the pool clean:

  • Avoid feeding your children too much or at all before swimming
  • Take a shower with soap and water before entering the pool
  • Go to the bathroom before swimming
  • Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers made for swimming pool use. Disposable regular diapers are not permitted in the pool
  • No spitting or clearing your nose in the pool, on the deck, or in the shower areas
  • Street shoes are not allowed on the pool