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Swimming lesson information

Find out information on swimming lessons at your local pool, including how to register, what to expect from a lesson and what happens if you miss a lesson.

Check for lesson break dates

Check your scheduled swimming lesson is still taking place. Some lessons may have breaks due to holiday or facility closures. Check at the pool or your program confirmation receipt for break dates.

Register at the right level

Check the Swim for Life progression chart or come to the pool for a free assessment. Aquatic staff offers assessments during recreational swims to help you determine which level is correct for you or your child.

Parent’s day

A parent’s day is scheduled one week during each session. Parents are encouraged to speak with their child’s instructor after their lesson.

What to expect at a lesson

The Lifesaving Society’s Swim For Life program is designed to challenge swimming skills based on the age and stage of your child, and what they can accomplish within in a school year.

Swimming requires a lot of practice and positive feedback to be successful. The Swim for Life Program allows students to progress comfortably at their own rate.

We encourage you to talk about lessons with your child. Make sure that you have realistic expectations and that your child feels no pressure to “pass” a level, but rather focus on “completing” the skills at their own rate.

Look at swimming lessons as a long-term progression.

How you can help your child

  • Participate in a recreational swim before your first lesson. Orient your child to the change room, washrooms and pool. Have fun and practice skills that your child already knows.
  • Swimming is a skill; it requires patience, practice and lots of feedback. Individuals need to progress at their own rate. Talk with your child about their lessons and have realistic expectations.
  • Inform the instructor if your child is repeating the level
  • Bring your previous report card for your new instructor to review

Missed and cancelled classes

There are no catch-up classes if you miss or cannot attend a class.

If a program doesn’t have the required minimum number of swimmers, it may be cancelled at any time. Some programs may be combined.

Check your confirmation receipt or closure notices posted at the pool.