We are Resilient

We Are Resilient is a contest for community photographers and storytellers inspired by The City of Mississauga’s Climate Change Action Plan.


Resilience: The ability of communities to respond and recover from the effects of a changing climate

A big thank you to everyone that submitted a photograph and story to the We Are Resilient contest! Your passion and creativity was shown through the quality of work and masterfully captured and represented your experience with climate change in Mississauga.

We are excited for the next phase of the project – an outdoor exhibition – that will be unveiled in 2022. Keep an eye out through our social channels for updates on the project.

Photographs and stories of Mississauga

Champions across the City of Mississauga share their personal stories about climate change.

Mayor Bonnie Crombie

Mayor Bonnie Crombie in a forested area

Some of my most cherished childhood memories are spending time with my close friends in the open green spaces and woodland areas around my home. This is where I felt most free and at peace. As I raised my own family in the city, I shared my love of nature with my children and it became very clear to me just how important accessible green spaces are for residents and families.

When I became Mayor of the great City of Mississauga, I committed to ensuring that as our city builds up, our green spaces must build out. I firmly believe we need to build a city where everyone – no matter where they live – has easy access to Mississauga’s parks and trails. Protecting and growing our green spaces is part of our efforts to battle climate change. But protecting them is also important for our physical and mental health.

One of the things the pandemic has shown us is just how important our green spaces are – they are the places were we’ve been able to escape to for walks or bike rides, or simply to read a book. They can never be taken for granted. Mississauga’s parks and trails are true gems in our city and maintaining them for generations to come is a top priority of mine. They make our city more beautiful. They make us more resilient.

Qurat Dar - Mississauga Youth Poet Laureate

Dandelion surrounded by green grass


There was a time, years ago, when every summer we would do battle to maintain the sanctity of the lawn – spraying pesticides at every stubborn dandelion or pulling them from the ground before they could spread like wildfire. But now, every year, we dig up more and more of the grass. Scatter wildflower seeds, plant rows of lettuce and spinach, trellis the tomatoes. We’re hardly gardening experts but we figure it out as we go along. The internet helps. Some of the plants come back relentlessly as soon as the days grow longer and the snow melts – mint, chives, lavender, bergamot, even the flowers in our front yard that have been here since before we moved in. Others are not quite so successful (like the pineapple crown my dad planted not too long ago). But there’s something about seeing all of the care that goes into growing food, about seeing it at every step from seedling to harvest. And, of course, getting to bite into a strawberry that tastes like the sun.

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Shoreline with rocks and trees

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We Are Resilient is organized by the City of Mississauga’s Environment Section and the Museums of Mississauga.

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