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The Culture Division's Digital Engagement team finds new ways for citizens to connect; raises awareness about culture and culture-related activities; and works with internal and external partners to promote two-way engagement.

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The digital world changes quickly. From 2013-2016 we have seen amazing growth in the digital sector, in particular civic technologies, systems and processes. Activate! Culture successfully brought the Culture Division to meet Mississauga's citizens 'where they are' in terms of digital tools, systems and expectations. It created a framework from which the Division can now explore next level digital projects that will engage, excite, and create rich experiences for its audiences. The Culture Division is now ready to hit the ground running.

Download the Digital Strategy [pdf]

Innovative Engagement Strategies
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Part of the mandate of the Culture Division is to 'Raise the Cultural Consciousness of Mississaugans'. While sounding quite lofty, this is really just to say that part of our job is to use creativity as a platform engage and inform the public around art and culture issues and ideas. The Digital Engagement team develops creative and people focussed projects in order to find new ways for citizens and the government to connect; raises awareness about culture and culture related activities both in and outside of Mississauga; works with internal and external partners to reach these goals. These projects include:

The Tale of a Town
In partnership with Dundas Connects & the Culture Division, City of Mississauga

The Tale of a Town is coming to Dundas Street! The Tale of a Town is an innovative story-telling project that captures the collective community memory of Canada's main streets, one story at a time. Working alongside the City's Culture Division and the Dundas Connects team, local artists will collect stories from the community about Dundas Street.

These stories will be used to highlight Dundas Street as the City's Planning and Building Department undertake an extensive public consultation process about the future of this main roadway. This project Is called Dundas Connects. The Culture Division is supporting this initiative through projects like Tale of a Town to use creative tools to reach out to residents in new and accessible ways.

Keep a look out for the 'storymobile' as it travels along the street, and share a tale about your experience on Dundas! You can find out where and when the storymobile will be out and about on our Culture Calendar.

About Dundas Connects

Dundas Street is changing. Over the next 35 to 40 years the number of people who live, work, learn and travel along the corridor is expected to increase. To manage this growth, the City of Mississauga is developing a long-term, future-oriented Master Plan for the Dundas Corridor. The plan will shape the future look and feel of Dundas, focusing on transit, land-use, and public space. There will also be a cultural planning lens to this project which will look at the opportunities for cultural activity in newly developed residential areas, benefits of public spaces and public art, as well as artistic expression and interpretation of the area's heritage along the route.

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Share the Love

Share the Love was presented as part of the IGNITE series during the Pan Am / Parapan Games. Over 22 days, Share the Love connected citizens with their the city through a series of creative community initiatives. The goal of this project was to create a vibrant, engaging experience for residents and visitors throughout the Games and to highlight Mississauga's creativity to the world. It was designed to raise cultural awareness of Mississaugans and visitors to the city.

Share the Love was comprised of two main parts:

Artist-In-Ward: 12 artists (local & national) created site-specific, hands-on artworks in each Ward of the city.

Data Visualization: Artist Rob King, created a real time data image that uses Twitter to give an up-to-date emotional map of the city.

This project was shown on a variety of platforms across the city:

  • Celebration Square Screens
  • Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #sharethelovesauga
  • Screens at all 11 Mississauga Community Centres

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Story of M

The Story of M captures the human story of Mississaugans through individual voices, stories of arrival, departure, love, loss and belonging. This project crowdsources stories and artworks to build Mississauga's story. Local artists will create artworks to continue the story and have creative interventions for the public to engage in. It will also highlight a variety of Cultural Planning and City Planning projects currently underway.

Story of M was developed by the Digital Engagement team, in partnership with Culture Planning, as an innovative planning tool; it will continue in tandem with the development of Culture Plans throughout the city over the next 5-7 years.

Goals of Story of M are to:

  • develop new strategies for engaging audiences that may not typically engage in city planning processes;
  • raise awareness of cultural activity in Mississauga;
  • provide opportunities for residents to give their input into the development of the contemporary, historical and human story of Mississauga.

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