The Museums of Mississauga is a heritage Collection of buildings that have been restored to visually narrate the early settler experience and life in the nineteenth century through to the modern era. By presenting relevant exhibitions, educational programs, guided tours and special events, the Museums connect the public with Mississauga's story which is shaped by our Canadian identity.

Traditional Afternoon Tea at Bradley Museum | October 18, 2015, 2:30pm

Enjoy the honoured tradition of "Afternoon Tea" combined with a tour of the Bradley Museums. Explore the original farmhouse built in 1830 by Lewis and Elizabeth Bradley, the Anchorage, a regency style cottage built in 1837 and the award winning Log Cabin where you will indulge in your Traditional Afternoon Cream Tea!

$15.00 per person + tax. Reservations can be made by calling 905-615-4860, ext. 2110 or by emailing




Benares Benares House
1507 Clarkson Rd. N.
Mississauga, L5J 2W8
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Bradley Bradley Museum
1620 Orr Rd.
Mississauga, L5J 4T2
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Leslie Log House
4415 Mississauga Rd.
Mississauga, L5M 7C6
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Afternoon Tea & Tours-Indulge in a spot of afternoon tea and enjoy a tour of one of our historic houses. Choose from a variety of experiences including Traditional Afternoon Tea, a themed "Downton Abbey" Tea and a special Mother's Day High Tea! View complete details and dates for each tea.

Guided Tours at Bradley Museum and Benares Historic House available every: Wed -Sunday 12pm-4pm and Thursday 12-8pm. Click here for details.

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Registered Programs
The Museums offer a variety of registered special interest programs and classes for children and adults.

To register for classes, please head to Active Mississauga or you can register in-person by visiting your local community centre. For further information, please contact the Customer Service Centre at 905-615-4100, ext. 1.

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