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Be active. Your Choise

Physical Activity is a choice. Yours to make.

What would you do to avoid a diagnosis of: Diabetes, Heart disease, Cancer, Depression

All of these diseases have one common thread...poor nutrition and not enough daily physical activity. Lack of daily physical activity is a contributing factor in each of these illnesses. Negative effects of an inactive lifestyle have grave effects on our children as well.

What would you do to:

  • Ensure your child grows up happy and healthy
  • Help your child focus better in school and improve their grades
  • Reduce the risk of your child having a poor body image or low self confidence

The safety, health and overall well being are a parent's responsibility and number one concern. Increasing a child's level of daily physical activity will lead to a more happy and balanced lifestyle.

In order to reduce the risk to you and your family:

  • Would you take time to be more physically active? 
  • Could you turn off the TV for 1 hour and go for a walk? 
  • Could you look for more opportunities to be active?
  • Would you set limits around how much time you and your family spend on the screens (computer, TV, video games)?

Only you can control your level of physical activity. It all starts with small changes to your daily routine.  Make physical activity a conscious choice: take the stairs instead of the elevator, park your car further from the store or school entrance, walk or ride your bike whenever possible, go for a walk around the facility instead of sitting and watching your child participate in an activity.

These small changes allow your body to feel the benefits of daily physical activity in a relatively short period of time. As your level of physical activity increases you will:

  • have more energy
  • have a more positive outlook
  • feel better
  • look better
  • look younger
  • increase self-confidence


The choice is yours…

Let us help you and the people you care about become more educated on physical activity, give you the tools to be more active and have an overall healthier lifestyle!

Try It! Take this opportunity to try a new activity free of charge
Being physically active every day can be a bit of a challenge. Sometimes it's hard to know what you are capable of, what you would enjoy doing, or what might be fun to try.

Great tips will help you get going and keep going for a lifetime. Download and print your own copy!

Walking Book Nutrition
There is a lot of clinical research available to prove that if we eat according to Canada's Food guide we reduce our risk of a number of diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and many more.