Fall 2022 Programs are now available to preview on our new Active Mississauga system. Enrollment for programs will begin September 12 for residents and September 14 for non-residents.  Fall 2022 registered programs begin September 24.

Digital public art

Digital public art is temporary or permanent art that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creation, process and/or presentation.

In 2018, the City established a unique public art program dedicated to digital public art. This program provides opportunities to experience contemporary art in innovative mediums, such as in light, sound, video, or virtual platforms.

Featured showcase

Maps of Mississauga

Maps of Mississauga is a showcase of work by emerging Mississauga artists and illustrators who created artistic interpretations of their neighbourhoods during summer 2020.

In the midst of this global pandemic, many Mississauga residents were physically distanced from their neighbours, friends, and communities. Artists from across the city reflected on COVID-19 including their relationship with the city, public spaces, and their neighbourhoods.

A place becomes special through a community’s memories and stories. Experience the spirit of Mississauga through these works.

Currently on display

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For more information about digital public art, email public.art@mississauga.ca.