Environmental Reflection + Wonder

Environmental Reflection + Wonder by Alex McLeod is one of over 35 public artworks on display across the City of Mississauga.

Ten panels with printed images of landscapes on them inside a hallway

Alex McLeod, 2019
Digital artwork on backlit vinyl
Near the west entrance of Civic Centre

About the artwork

Environmental Reflection + Wonder is a two-part installation featuring digital artwork printed on vinyl and installed on back-lit display cases, near the west entrance of Civic Centre.

Environmental Reflection is inspired by Mississauga’s natural heritage and the architecture of Civic Centre.

Wonder commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Mississauga Train Derailment. On the evening of November 10, 1979, 24 rail cars derailed on CP train 54 from Sarnia to Toronto. The resulting explosions could be seen more than 100 km away. The emergency response saw an evacuation of more than 226,000 residents. Some refer to this night as the “Mississauga Miracle” – no loss of life and no permanent scarring on the land, the people or the collective psyche.


About the artist

Alex McLeod is an artist concerned with simulation and the transition of matter. A graduate of Ontario College of Art & Design (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and of Ryerson University (Master of Digital Media), his work has been exhibited internationally in both solo and group exhibitions and he has completed a number of integrated art works, including Green Hills Discovery (The Bentway, 2018), Aquatica (Dream, 2018), and Ancient Hills (Drake Commissary, 2017), among others.

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More information

Photography by Arnold Street Media.