Camp information and forms

More information about day camps including safety, emergencies, allergies or illness, and special needs is included in our All About Camp document.

Camp pick up and drop off

Children must be dropped off and signed out each day by a parent, legal guardian, or caregiver.

Photo ID must be shown each day at pick-up.

List the names of any adult who is allowed to pick up your child when you register.

Camp safety

At camp, your child’s safety is the priority. All our camp staff is certified in first aid every two years.

When you register for camp you’ll be asked if your child requires medication, needs an EpiPen for allergies, or has special needs.

Detailed information about our health and safety procedures will be provided to registered families in the All About Camp document before the camp start date.

Emergency or illness

If you need to contact your child in an emergency, please call the community centre. If your child becomes ill during camp we will contact you right away using the emergency contact information you provided at the time of registration.


If your child is taking medication, you’ll need to send your child to camp with that day’s dose of the medication. Camp staff will store the medicine in a safe place until it is time for your child to take it. Your child will take the medication on their own, supervised by staff. The parent or legal guardian medication consent form must be completed.

If a camper cannot self-administer their medication, a third-party medication administration consent form must be completed.


If your child requires medication or has an EpiPen, you’ll also need to submit these forms when you register:

All of our camps run as “allergy-aware” environments. This means that all of our staff are trained to use epinephrine self-injectors (EpiPen, Twinject, Allerject) in the event of a severe allergy attack.

As a precaution, your child will be required to carry two unexpired self-injectors while they are at camp.

Special needs

If your child requires special support to participate in the camp, their support worker can attend camp with them at no extra cost.

You can also apply to have a dedicated staff member (called an inclusion facilitator) with your child every day at camp through our Recreation Support Program.