Jerry Love Children’s Fund

Since its start in 1985, the Jerry Love Children’s Fund has helped more than 15,000 children take part in recreation activities offered by the City. The fund helps cover the costs of recreation and leadership programs for children from low-income families.

You’ll need to apply before the start date of the recreation program your child wants to attend. The maximum amount of funding available per child is $160 per year. These funds can only be used to cover registration fees.

If your child receives money from the Jerry Love Children’s Fund, you cannot apply to the Active Assist program during the same year.

Eligibility and referral form

A social worker from your child’s school or a community agency needs to assess if your child qualifies for the fund. If your child is eligible, your social worker will complete and sign the referral form for you.

Registering for programs

Provide your caseworker with a completed Registration Application form. Caseworkers will submit your application and the referral form to the Recreation and Sport Customer Service Centre.

If the amount you receive from the fund does not cover the full cost, you’ll need to pay the difference before we can register your child in a program.

Once all of the fees have been paid we’ll register your child and send confirmation to you by mail.

If funding is not available or registration cannot be processed for any reason, we’ll contact you by phone to let you know.

Cancelling registration

If you need to cancel a registration, please call the Recreation Customer Service Centre.

Details on our transfer and withdrawal policy can be found on page two of your registration receipt or on our registration webpage.

Please note that funds used to purchase the registrations will not be refunded to your account but, instead, will be returned to the Jerry Love Program.

You can donate in person at any City of Mississauga Community Centre customer service desk, or donate online.

Donations of $20 and more are tax-deductible. You’ll receive a receipt for income tax purposes.

The fund is supported by individuals, local businesses, community groups, and other organizations such as the PepsiCo Canada Foundation. Every dollar raised goes towards program registration.