Diaphanous Charms

Diaphanous Charms by Asli Alin is currently being exhibited on Mississauga Celebration Square, as part of Winter Magic.

Light art sculpture

Asli Alin
Colour Effect Acrylic Sheets

About the artwork

Diaphanous Charms is a series of parametric art installations by Asli Alin, in which iridescent colour effect acrylic sheets are assembled together.

Inspired by the inherent intelligence displayed in nature’s architectural systems, Diaphanous Charms mimic nature’s ability to create complex structures using simple elements. The artwork represents growth; connections made of smaller units assembled to form larger and stronger structures, much like how our communities are built by individuals. Diaphanous Charms become more colourful with the addition of each new unit, similar to how each individual adds to their community.


About the artist

Asli is a multidisciplinary artist traversing disciplines of drawing, painting, installation, and photography who holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. She has been commissioned to create public art in Canada and Europe and her work has been featured in a number of galleries throughout Toronto and abroad. Asli lives and works in Toronto.

For more, follow the artist on Instagram, @aslialin, or visit their website www.aslialin.com.

More information

This artwork was featured during Light Up the Square on November 26, 2022, and is on display at Mississauga Celebration Square as part of Winter Magic until January 3, 2023.

Photography by Tori Lambermont.