Echoes by Nate Nettleton is currently being exhibited on Mississauga Celebration Square, as part of Winter Magic.

Light art sculpture with disco balls inside square box

Nate Nettleton
Disco Ball, Acrylic, LED Lights

About the artwork

Echoes is a rotating disco ball housed within an iridescent acrylic prism, illuminating its surroundings with a full spectrum of dancing colour, encouraging exploration and interaction from its viewers.

The artwork’s focal point is a product that is symbolically representative of celebration: the disco ball. It creates a space for the audience to be immersed “within” the artwork – thousands of colourful lights dancing across surrounding surfaces, creating an interactive environment outside of the physical artwork itself.


About the artist

Nate Nettleton is a Canadian artist living and working in Quebec, exploring progress, balance, and simplicity through abstract sculpture.

Nettleton’s artworks are part of public and private collections across Canada, the United States, China, and the UK. His pieces have been featured in numerous Canadian and American art publications and exhibited at various galleries across North America.

For more, follow the artist on Instagram, @nnnnnate, or visit their website

More information

This artwork was featured during Light Up the Square on November 26, 2022, and is on display at Mississauga Celebration Square as part of Winter Magic until January 3, 2023.

Photography by Tori Lambermont.