Assistance Programs
The City of Mississauga offers a number of financial assistance, physical and recreational programs for all ages. Check out some of our programs below.

Active Assist Active Assist
ActiveAssist is a fee assistance program designed to help low-income families and individuals in Mississauga participate in Recreation and Parks programs.
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Jerry Love Jerry Love Children's Fund
Jerry Love fund raises thousands of dollars each year to help hundreds of children enjoy the benefits of participating in recreation programs.
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Wal-Mart at Play Sauga At Play, supported by Walmart
This FREE after school program is a great opportunity for youth aged 10 -18, to learn a new sport, practice your skills, and spend time with friends in a safe and supervised, fun environment.
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Other Programs
Next Step
Next Step to Active Living
Next Step to Active Living, a therapeutic recreation program, offers a supportive environment for adults aged 21 and over with acquired physical disabilities.
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TML FUNdamentals TML FUNdamentals
The TML FUNdamentals program is a free program sponsored by MLSE Foundation and the Greater Toronto Airport Authority.
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