Fall 2022 Programs are now available to preview on our new Active Mississauga system. Enrollment for programs will begin September 12 for residents and September 14 for non-residents.  Fall 2022 registered programs begin September 24.

Temporary public art

The City’s temporary public art program supports the creation of art by emerging and established artists. Temporary public art can be a powerful tool to respond to contemporary social issues and reshape how we view our physical and social environments.

Temporary public art often comes in the form of street art, murals, banners, festivals, and installations. These artworks can last anywhere from a few months to 15 years.

Featured artwork


Moonlight Murals Collective, Exterior Acrylic on Asphalt, 2022

Five artists painting a ground mural along a bicycle lane.

Interconnection is a new temporary public artwork by Moonlight Murals Collective. This series of ground murals run along the buffer zones of the cycling lanes on Living Arts Drive and tell the story of people in a growing city like Mississauga. Each thematic panel focuses on the relationship between humans and the natural environment, inspiring viewers to discover their imagination, emotion, interaction, and relationship with their surroundings.

Currently on display

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