Temporary public art

The City’s temporary public art program supports the creation of art by emerging and established artists. Temporary public art can be a powerful tool to respond to contemporary social issues and reshape how we view our physical and social environments.

Temporary public art often comes in the form of street art, murals, banners, festivals, and installations. These artworks can last anywhere from a few months to 15 years.

Featured artwork

Ebb and Flow

Ray Vidal, Digital Illustration, 2021

This digital mural series is about the constant flow of energy that skateboarders and breaker dancers channel to create something cosmic that can change the course of someone’s life. How these activities can bring you closer to being at peace with one’s own self, realize what is important in your life and how to work hard towards your goals, hopes and dreams.

Thank you to Stafhon Boca, Sebastian Lebiedzinski, Cody Beaudry, John Espiritu, Anthony Gebski, Lucas Schering, Nathan Stripp, Alijah Racine, Dony Vo, Joshua Balancio, Stephen Gharghoury, Daniel Gallo, Marcelino DaCosta aka Frost Flow, Jeff Garcia aka Mango Peeler, Ground Illusionz, TEK, and Neighbourhood Skate Mag. This mural is dedicated to all the arts community members that use this space daily that make Mississauga so special, diverse and talented.

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