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Temporary public art

The City’s temporary public art program supports the creation of art by emerging and established artists. Temporary public art can be a powerful tool to respond to contemporary social issues and reshape how we view our physical and social environments.

Temporary public art often comes in the form of street art, murals, banners, festivals, and installations. These artworks can last anywhere from a few months to 15 years.

Featured artwork

Beauty of the City

Pino Cao, Digital Illustration on Vinyl Banners, 2023

Beauty of the City Featured Artwork Downtown Mississauga banner artwork on lightpoles

In this six-piece banner series, the artist depicts six characteristics of the city, inspired by the composition of the word Mississauga: the Modern skyline, International airport and work opportunities, Safe communities, Artistic events, United people, and Graceful natural environment of Mississauga. Read more about this city-wide installation.

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