Interconnection by Moonlight Murals Collective is one of over 35 public artworks on display across the City of Mississauga.

Five artists painting a ground mural along a bicycle lane.

Moonlight Murals Collective, 2022
Exterior acrylic on asphalt
Living Arts Drive, between Burnhamthorpe Road West and Square One Drive

About the artwork

Interconnection is a new temporary public artwork by Moonlight Murals Collective, integrated with the protected, on-road bike lanes on Living Arts Drive. These ground murals are located in the buffer zones that run alongside the cycling and parking/road lanes, helping to build a safe, connected, convenient and comfortable cycling network in Mississauga.

“Our aim in these ground paintings was not only to create a visually pleasing piece of art, but also to tell the story of people in a growing town such as Mississauga and how interconnected we are, not only to each other but also to nature and the land we reside on. Each thematic panel seamlessly connects to the next and at times, appear as opposing forces that make a complete whole reminiscent of the concept of Yin and Yang. Our designs focus on the relationship between humans and the natural environment and inspire the viewers to discover their imagination, emotion, interaction and relationship with their surroundings.” – Moonlight Murals Collective


About the artists

Moonlight Murals Collective is a Toronto-based trio: Yasaman Mehrsa, Ghazaleh Rastgar, and Melika Saeeda. Their mission is to integrate the mysterious power of public art into plain surfaces, transforming ordinary spaces into an inviting gallery. Their approach to public art is to create vibrant visual environments that connect and inspire communities as a whole. They have worked with various clientele and incorporated different forms of aesthetics into their work according to their needs. They pay close attention to making sure their designs are fitted to each specific project, while always maintaining a vibrant and bold style that naturally comes out of their collaborations.

Moonlight Murals Collective completed this project with the assistance of visual artists Tyler Matheson, Zishuo Li, Soon Cho, and Rachel Tham.

More information

Interconnection is a collaboration between the City’s Public Art Program and Active Transportation Unit. The protected, on-road bike lanes on Living Arts Drive have been installed to increase safety and comfort for everyone, using a design that is the first of its kind in Mississauga. Read more about this new cycling infrastructure.