Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow by Ray Vidal is one of over 35 public artworks on display across the City of Mississauga.

Brightly coloured mural panels showing areas of the city and the skatepark with people skateboarding and break dancing.

Ray Vidal, 2021
Digital illustration on aluminum panels
Sculpture Court Skate Park, 300 Duke of York Boulevard

About the artwork

“Ebb and Flow is about the constant flow of energy that skateboarders and break dancers channel to create something cosmic that can change the course of someone’s life. How these activities can bring you closer to being at peace with one’s own self, realize what is important in your life and how to work hard towards your goals, hopes and dreams.

Skateboarding and breakdancing help you reflect on the present moment in life and where you want to be. Its ebb and flow can teach you to question, learn, listen and trust in each other and learn from our failures, hardships and uncertainties. When you are engaging in the space may it bring you a sense of contentment, gratitude, belonging, knowledge, understanding, connection, safety, self-reflection and feeling of oneness as a community.

“I am grateful for the following skateboarders, dancers, artists, and photographers that participated in the project including: Stafhon Boca, Sebastian Lebiedzinski, Cody Beaudry, John Espiritu, Anthony Gebski, Luke Schering, Nathan Stripp, Alijah Racine, Dony Vo, Joshua Balancio, Stephen Gharghoury, Daniel Gallo, Marcelino DaCosta aka Frostflow, Jeff Garcia aka Mango Peeler, Ground Illusionz, TEK, and Neighbourhood Skate Mag.” – Ray Vidal


About the artist

Ray Vidal is a multi-disciplinary fine artist, muralist, musician and educator based in Mississauga. His multi-disciplinary artistic and musical practices are synonymous. He is passionate about bringing people together through art, music, education, mentorship, culture and community programming. Currently, he focuses on murals, public art projects, commissioned base work and teaching community programs and workshops for adults, youth and children in the GTA.

Ray has also recorded two full-length albums and a small EP with his award-nominated band the Five and Tens. He currently continues to work on his music and perform all over the Greater Toronto Area, engage in public art, and teach programs with the Visual Arts of Mississauga and Queen Elizabeth Parkway Community and Culture Centre. He is interested in reconnecting with cultural traditions and identities through art to combat gentrification. His art practice is a self exploration into his Filipino roots and culture. He wants to reconnect with his own heritage through art making to gain a deeper sense of meaning for Filipino traditions and what they mean to him being mixed race and living in diaspora.

More information

Photographs by Tylor Key-Carr.

Ray Vidal is also one of the artists featured in Maps of Mississauga, a digital public art showcase of neighbourhoods in the City. View their artistic interpretation of the Cooksville area.

Ebb and Flow is a winner of the 2023 Mississauga Urban Design Awards – Award of Merit, for achievements in Execution, Context, and Significance at the Community Scale.