*UPDATE*— A heat warning has been issued for the City of Mississauga as of Sunday, July 14, until further notice. Stay cool at the biggest wading pool in the city at Mississauga Celebration Square. Enjoy an afternoon of splashing in the sun steps away from the big screens, food trucks, and exciting live events!

All One

All One by Leeay Aikawa is one of over 35 public artworks on display across the City of Mississauga.

Utility box on a sidewalk painted with red, orange, pink, yellow and blue shapes.

Leeay Aikawa, 2020
Vinyl wrap on utility box
Duke of York Blvd

About the artwork

All One is a temporary public art installation that references the architectural shapes of locations and buildings in Mississauga’s downtown core. Playfulness and coherence complement one another, while the rhythmic and cheerful quality of the work reflects Mississauga’s diverse community and togetherness.

The artwork gathers local landmarks like Community Commons, Central Library, Jubilee Garden, Living Arts Centre, Civic Centre and Mississauga Celebration Square, and joins them with one mind, embodying the people, center of activity and the play of life.

About the artist

Leeay Aikawa is an interdisciplinary artist who interweaves a range of materials and methods to engage with natural phenomena and presence.