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Represent your high school!

Watch below to learn about the program and hear from our past Student Ambassadors!

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MiWay ambassador icon Program Updates

As we gear up for this year’s program, we would like to inform our Ambassadors that the next meeting will be in February. This meeting is a perfect opportunity to earn volunteer hours and pick up supplies for your February Information Table.

Upcoming Events:

  • February Meeting – February 6 & 7, 2017*
  • March Meeting – March 6 & 7, 2017

*Dates may change due to inclement weather.

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • First Table (Future of MiWay) – March 7, 2017
  • Second Table (Meet MiWay Online) – April 7, 2017

Updated: January 17, 2017 

MiWay star icon What is the MiWay Student Ambassador Program?

The MiWay Student Ambassador Program is a fun, creative and educational program that provides a great opportunity for Mississauga's high school students to educate their school community about the benefits of public transit. MiWay Ambassadors are volunteers and have to be registered at either a Peel District School Board or Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board high school in Mississauga. These Ambassadors are representatives that act as bridge between MiWay and their schools.

Once selected by MiWay staff (with input from school administration), the Ambassadors receive a toolkit of transit information and promotional items, along with assistance and training from the MiWay Outreach Team to ensure each Ambassador successfully completes the program.

A Final Program Report will be submitted by each Ambassador/Ambassador Team at the end of the program. These submissions will be evaluated by MiWay Marketing staff based on the following criteria: creativity, relevance, uniqueness and the overall quality.

Click here for the official program rules and regulations.

Excited ambassador icon Who can be an Ambassador?

Students applying for the program need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Registered student at either the Peel District School Board or the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board in Mississauga
  • Knowledgeable about MiWay
  • Excellent communication and planning skills
  • Computer and digital media skills

Web of connected icons What will I do as an Ambassador?

As a MiWay Ambassador you will work with MiWay staff to educate your school community about the benefits of public transit and promote the use of MiWay. Some responsibilities include:

  • Setting up interactive information sessions during your lunch period about MiWay services and projects
  • Ensuring the MiWay website link (miway.ca) is accurate and present on the school website
  • Posting the most up-to-date MiWay system map and individual route maps of service in the school
  • Providing feedback regarding routes and service through our feedback form and much more!

Paint palette icon Design a MiWay Bus Wrap

Students applying for the 2016/17 MiWay Student Ambassador program will have an exciting and unique opportunity to design a bus wrap for MiWay and showcase their creativity.

Submissions will be judged on their creativity, relevance, originality and feasibility. A jury made up of MiWay staff will select the winning submission. The successful design will cover both sides and will travel for about a year throughout the community and be on display at various Mississauga events.

Bus wrapped with MiWay Student Ambassador Campaign

Present icon Why should I be an Ambassador?

There are many reasons to be a MiWay Student Ambassador!

  • Have a chance to win FREE transit for a year
  • Represent your school and get involved in the community
  • Receive a toolkit with amazing goodies and learn about public transit
  • Develop skills such as leadership, team building, communication and project management skills to excel in and out of school
  • Meet and network with MiWay staff
  • Great opportunity to earn volunteer hours;
  • Win many cool prizes while being creative and having fun

Pencil and clipboard icon How can I apply?

Online applications for the MiWay Student Ambassador Program are now closed.

Application Process

September Form a team  (two students per team and speak to one of your school administrators about becoming a MiWay Student Ambassador)
October Complete and submit the online application form
Early November Applications are reviewed and evaluated by MiWay staff
Mid-November Email notifications are sent to all the successful applicants
End of November Meetings are scheduled with the Student Ambassadors and their school administrators
December Program begins!

*Name of your school administrator is a mandatory field in the MiWay Student Ambassador Program application.

Drum icon Why should my high school be part of the MiWay Student Ambassador Program?

MiWay Student Ambassadors receive training from MiWay’s Outreach Team throughout the program and are provided with up-to-date information about MiWay services. These Student Ambassadors provide much needed MiWay service information to theirs peers, to educate them on the many benefits of taking public transit.

  • All high schools who register an Ambassador will receive pre-loaded PRESTO cards to be used at their discretion
  • Bus wrap design contest winner will have their school name on the bus wrap
  • Opportunity for students to earn volunteer hours
  • Community partnership
  • Informed MiWay Student Ambassadors providing much needed public transit information to students
  • The winning high school will receive pre-loaded PRESTO cards to be used for student transportation
  • Recognition at a City of Mississauga Council meeting for all the participating schools and special presentation for the winning school

Trophy icon Past Program Winners

2015/16 Winners

MiWay Student Ambassador Program Winner

Congratulations to Menatalla Ibrahim from Father Michael Goetz Secondary School was named 2015/16 MiWay Student Ambassador of the Year for her dedication and creative ways of spreading the word about riding on MiWay. Read more on the MiWay Blog here.

Additional Winners

  • Program Runner-ups: Kevin Chan and Rushi Gajaria from Gordon Graydon school.
  • Bus Wrap Design Contest Winners: Sam Yu & Adrian Aliu from Glenforest Secondary School. Look at the winning design here.

2014/15 Winners

Congratulations to Jane Jomy and Uswa Zahoor from Glenforest Secondary School for winning the 2014/15 MiWay Student Ambassador Program. Watch their video submission here.

Above is a photo of Chris Fonseca - Ward 3 Councillor, Jane Jomy - Ambassador, Matt Mahoney - Acting Mayor, Uswa Zahoor - Ambassador of Glenforest Secondary School and George Carlson - Ward 11 Councillor.

2013/14 Winners

Congratulations to Nareshi Babu and Nikhita Kapoor from Stephen Lewis Secondary School for winning the 2013/14 MiWay Student Ambassador Program. Watch their video submission here.

Photo of Geoff Marinoff - Director of Transit, George Carlson - Ward 11 Councillor, Sue McFadden - Ward 10 Councillor, Nikhita Kapoor - Ambassador, Nareshri Babu - Ambassador and Loi Lam - Vice Principal of Stephen Lewis.

Above is a photo of Geoff Marinoff - Director of Transit, George Carlson - Ward 11 Councillor, Sue McFadden - Ward 10 Councillor, Nikhita Kapoor - Ambassador, Nareshri Babu - Ambassador and Loi Lam - Vice Principal of Stephen Lewis Secondary School.

2012/13 Winners

Congratulations to the 2012-13 winning MiWay Student Ambassador team at Stephen Lewis Secondary School for providing an informative and engaging program at their school.

On Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at the City of Mississauga Council meeting, Scott Hladun and Devika Matkar were presented plaques by Mayor Hazel McCallion, Ward 10 Councillor Sue McFadden and Transit director Geoff Marinoff. Also included in the photos is Loi Lam, Vice Principal of Stephen Lewis Secondary school accepting the school plaque.

Student Ambassador 2012-13 Winners at City Council with Stephen Lewis Vice Principal, Transit Director, Ward Councillor and Mayor

Megaphone icon Have Questions? Get in touch with us!

If you have questions, comments or feedback on the program please email miway.ambassador@mississauga.ca


Find the MiWay Student Ambassador page on FacebookVisit the MiWay Student Ambassador Facebook page for program updates and much more.