Ways to pay your fare

There are various ways you can pay your transit fare on MiWay buses, including:

  • Cash – $4 fare
  • Open payment – $4 fare
  • PRESTO card – the best way to pay your fare on MiWay

To prepare for your trip, learn how much the fare prices are in advance.

Paying with cash

You can pay a $4 cash fare when boarding a MiWay bus.

MiWay cannot give you change for cash fares.

Paying with open payment

Open payment is accepted on MiWay buses.

When using open payment on MiWay, you’ll be charged the $4 cash fare price.

What is open payment?

Open payment allows you to pay a $4 cash fare using a contactless (tap feature enabled) debit card or credit card. Open payments also include mobile wallets on smartphones, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and more.

While most contactless credit cards can be tapped on PRESTO devices to pay, some credit cards are not yet accepted. Please contact PRESTO Customer Service for more information.

Prepaid credit cards and gift cards will not work.

Find out which transit agencies accept open payment.

Benefits of open payment

  • You can pay a $4 cash fare if you don’t have exact change or a PRESTO card.
  • No need to ask for a paper transfer. PRESTO machines will be able to know if you paid your fare using a debit card, credit card or mobile wallet within the transfer period.
  • Ride free on MiWay when you connect with GO Transit using the same open payment method within the transfer period.
  • You can add a credit card to your PRESTO account online to track your transaction history.

The Senior $1 fare and other discounted concession fares are not available through open payment.

Paying with a PRESTO card

Using a PRESTO card is the best way to pay your fare on MiWay.

With a PRESTO card you can:

  • Pay a single fare with the funds loaded onto your card.
  • Load a MiWay monthly pass onto your card.

Benefits of PRESTO

  • It’s the least expensive way to pay your fare.
  • There is no cost for a new digital PRESTO card in Google Wallet (Android smartphone or Wear OS smartwatch).
  • You can ride free on MiWay when you connect with GO Transit using your PRESTO card.
  • You’re eligible for MiWay’s PRESTO loyalty program discount.
  • There are concession fare discounts for children, youth and seniors.
  • Register your PRESTO card to autoload funds, auto renew your monthly pass, get balance recovery and an overdraft trip (physical cards only).
  • Load funds instantly and manage your PRESTO card anytime, anywhere, using the PRESTO app on Android or iOS, or Google Wallet on an Android device.

Learn more about PRESTO.