Affordable Transit Program

If you’re a Mississauga resident earning an income below the Low Income Measure (LIM) threshold, you may be eligible for the Affordable Transit Program (ATP). This program provides a 50% discount on PRESTO MiWay Adult or Senior Monthly Passes.

Discount programs are also available for GO Transit and Brampton Transit.

This program is a partnership between MiWay and the Region of Peel.

Submitting an application to the Region of Peel

To view eligibility criteria and to submit an application, visit the Region of Peel website.

Youth can participate in the program – please visit the Region of Peel website for more information.

If several adult members of a household are interested in applying for the program, they can apply together or individually to the Region of Peel.

The Region of Peel processes applications within 10 to 20 business days.

Setting up the ATP discount on a PRESTO card

Step 1: Wait until the Region of Peel confirms with you via an approval email that you are enrolled in the program.

Step 2: Ensure you have a registered PRESTO card for each approved applicant. You can buy a PRESTO card at any Customer Service Outlet and you can register your card by visiting the PRESTO website and setting up an account.

Step 3: Visit the Fares Booth in person at the City Centre Transit Terminal to set up the ATP discount on your PRESTO card. Bring your registered PRESTO card. You will be asked to show ID and confirmation of your enrolment in the program.

If multiple applicants in the same household are enrolled in the program, only the main applicant needs to be present to set up the PRESTO cards and provide ID for each of the applicants.

After the ATP discount is set up on a PRESTO card

Once the discount has been set up on a registered PRESTO card for the first month, you can continue to load discounted MiWay monthly passes on your card online at the PRESTO website or at a Customer Service Outlet.

You will be able to participate in the program for 12 months. To continue receiving the ATP discount after that time, you will need to apply to the Region of Peel to participate again.

PRESTO card for use on transit