If you’re a student at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) the U-Pass gives you unlimited travel on MiWay during the school year. The cost of the U-Pass is included in your tuition fees. You cannot sell or give your U-Pass to someone else to use.

Show the Transit Operator your U-Pass and your student ID (T-card) when you board the bus. Visit the UTM website for more information on the U-Pass program. Your U-Pass can only be used on MiWay and does not qualify for a transfer.

Help prevent fraud

You are not allowed to sell or give your U-Pass to someone else. Fraud can increase program costs and result in:

• A $150 fine for using a U-Pass that was not assigned to you;
• The U-Pass will be confiscated;
• The fraud will be reported to the university.

If your U-Pass is lost or stolen call MiWay customer service at 905-615-INFO (4636).