Riding the bus

First time riding MiWay? Follow these 8 easy steps below and enjoy the ride!

1. Plan your trip

Find your route, the nearest stop and bus times using our trip planner. Or download the Triplinx Android app or iOS app on your device.

How full is my bus? Wondering how much space is available on a MiWay bus before you board it? You can use your mobile device to find out before even heading to your stop.

Phone with trip planner

2. Go to your stop

Please be at your stop before the departure time and check online for the most up-to-date real-time information. Wait in line to board the bus.

People at bus stop

3. Board the bus

Please board the bus at a designated bus stop. Once the bus has left the stop the Transit Operator is not allowed to open the doors again because it is unsafe. For everyone’s safety please do not chase or touch a moving bus.

People boarding the bus

4. Pay your fare

Pay your fare when you board the bus at the front doors. Customers are encouraged to pay with PRESTO. With PRESTO, your transfer is active for two hours from when you first tap your card on the bus.

Tapping PRESTO card

5. Safety first

Be kind to your Transit Operator – they are here for you and are doing their best to get you where you need to go. To keep everyone safe, we’ve installed protective shields around the Operator’s area. Violence and abuse of any kind has no place on board a MiWay bus. Please avoid distracting the Transit Operator while the bus is in motion.

Transit Operator

6. Ride safely

While on the bus either take a seat or stand holding onto a hand rail. Please stay behind the yellow line on the floor near the front of the bus.

Person holding on to pole

7. Request a stop

Pull down on the yellow cord above the windows or push the stop button on a yellow pole in advance to request a stop.

Person on the bus pressing stop button

8. Exit the bus

Make sure you have all your belongings before you exit through the back doors.

Our buses have three different types of rear doors. Depending on the unit, passengers must push the touch bar, touch the touch bar, or activate the contactless sensor.

If you’re crossing the street, remember to cross at a signalized light and don’t jaywalk through traffic.

Have a safe and happy ride!