Customer Charter

MiWay’s Customer Charter is our way of becoming better than ever for those who count on us. It’s our commitment to you when you choose to ride with us.

Whether you’re new to MiWay, or it’s been a while since you travelled with us, we’re excited to welcome you aboard!

Our Commitments

Safety first icon

Safety first

The safety of our customers, employees and all those who come in contact with our service is important to us. We want you to feel safe and secure while riding with us or sharing the road with our vehicles.

Reliable and on time

We’ll provide you with dependable transit service by being on time, minimizing delays and acting quickly when service disruptions or delays occur.

Excellent customer service

All our employees are ready to make your experience a positive one. We commit to providing you with excellent customer service and to treat everyone with courtesy and respect.

Keep you informed

Whether it’s delay alerts, or information to help you plan your journey better, keeping you informed is key. We’ll make sure accurate and up-to-date service information is available online and with our customer service representatives.

Listening to Our Customers

Our Customer Charter was developed based on customer feedback. We listen to and value what our customers tell us so we can continuously improve the customer experience.

Our latest customer satisfaction survey results have set new benchmarks for measuring progress. We will continue listening to our customers and making changes to our transit system to ensure that service levels are responsive to customer needs during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic recovery.

Here’s what we heard:

Safety first icon

Safety first

93% of our customers said they feel safe while riding our buses.

92% of our customers were aware of added safety measures MiWay implemented during the pandemic

Reliable and on time icon

Reliable and on time

76% of our buses ran on time in July and August 2021.

We use an industry standard measure of +1 to -5, which means that buses aim to arrive no more than one minute prior, or five minutes after, a scheduled time.*

Excellent customer service icon

Excellent customer service

90% of our customers were satisfied with the level of customer service they received from MiWay.


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Keep you informed

67% of our customers said that our communication channels kept them informed with up-to-date information about schedules and service changes.

*On time performance is a measure of schedule adherence – how often our buses depart or arrive compared to our published schedule. We use an industry standard measure of +1 to -5, which means that buses aim to arrive no more than one minute prior, or five minutes after, a scheduled time. Weather, traffic conditions and road construction can all impact on-time performance. Customers are encouraged to arrive at their bus stop five minutes early.

This customer satisfaction survey was conducted by an independent market research company in July and August, 2021.  A representative sample of more than 700 respondents completed telephone surveys.

MiWay’s next customer satisfaction survey is scheduled to be completed Spring 2022. A summary of the results will be available on