Boarding a MiWay bus outside Mississauga? Use the transit wave.

Transit wave

If you’re waiting to board a MiWay bus in Etobicoke, Brampton or Oakville, you must wave to alert the MiWay Transit Operator that you’re waiting. Be sure to wave early enough to allow the operator time to come to a safe stop.

For safety, wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before approaching the doors.

Bus stops can be served by more than one bus route and transit system. For example, MiWay Route 30 – Rexdale services Rexdale Blvd at Martin Grove Rd in Toronto. TTC Route 46 – Martin Grove also services this TTC stop.

Using the transit wave lets the MiWay Transit Operator know that you’re waiting for a MiWay bus, and not another transit service.

Waiting inside a bus shelter at the stop? As the bus approaches, please exit the shelter to show the operator you are waiting for a MiWay bus by using the transit wave.

Have a safe and happy ride!