Enjoy the freedom to move on MiWay

Welcome back! We’re so happy to see you. It feels good to move around again, reconnect with friends and get back to daily routines that bring us joy!

Could MiWay be a platform to express those feelings of joy? See how stops become dance stages in the video below.

We know many students are returning to in-person learning. You can find everything you need to know – from routes to your school, to schedules and student fares – on our website.

If it’s been a while since you’ve travelled with us then we’re excited to welcome you back. Let’s go through some quick tips below to help make your ride smooth and safe.

Back To School Tips

1) Plan Your Route and Let’s Get Moving

Take the guesswork out of catching the bus. Use the Triplinx trip planner on miway.ca to find the best route to school and get real time schedules.  Want other options? MiWay route and schedule information is also available through third party apps such as Google Maps, Transit 55 and Transit App.

2) Pay With PRESTO and You’re on The Move

PRESTO is a contactless – and the easiest – way to pay on MiWay. Students get the lowest fare by paying with PRESTO.

3) Wear a Mask, It’s Mandatory. Keep It On and Keep It Up

Whether you’re on the bus, at a stop, or in a terminal, our top priority is to keep everyone safe. So make the right move and wear your mask at all times.

4) Throw Down Your Moves, Not Your Backpack

Let’s make the bus a safe place for everyone by keeping the aisle clear – keep your backpack in your hands or on your lap.

5) Learn The Right Moves To Bring Your E-Scooter On Board

Before you get scooting, make sure you’re up to speed on the rules and etiquette to follow on MiWay.

6) How full is your bus?

Before you make your move, The Transit App can tell you how much space is available on a bus before you board it. This third party app uses MiWay’s real-time open data feed. You can download it here.

Still have questions? Our customer service team is ready to help. We’d be happy to speak with you.

Let’s all do our part and keep enjoying this freedom to move!