Moving Freely Back To School Since 1973

What was it like boarding a bus in the 1970s era of disco, bell-bottoms and 8mm film cameras?


How about the 1980s, with new wave styles and portable tech like Gameboys and Walkmans? Or the 1990s era of grunge, when plaid shirts were everywhere and portable music players didn’t fit in your pocket.

While the outfits and hairstyles may have changed since our municipal transit service began in November 1973, we’ve continued to help you move freely throughout the city.

The fashion, the music, the vibes may have changed over the decades, but expressing yourself freely never goes out of style.

Old school. New school. MiWay is your way back to school.

Throwback – Retro To Modern Buses

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and check out the different buses that provided service over the decades. How many of these do you remember?

At MiWay, we connect people and places to make Mississauga a better place to live, work and play. Whether you’re heading to school, work or just out with friends, we can help you move freely throughout Mississauga.

Move Freely Contest

The contest has ended.

Winners will be contacted via direct message through @MiWayHelps.

See Contest Rules and Regulations for more details.

From Mississauga Transit to MiWay

Our municipal transit service began in November 1973 as Mississauga Transit. It was rebranded to MiWay in October 2010.

The launch of the new MiWay brand preceded major changes in transit service growth and infrastructure improvements in Mississauga.