PRESTO available in Google Wallet

Starting Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023, customers can pay a fare on MiWay by tapping a digital version of their PRESTO card in their Google Wallet using their Android smartphone or Wear OS smartwatch.

There are two ways a customer can get a digital PRESTO card in their Google Wallet:

  1. Add a new digital PRESTO card using Google Wallet or the PRESTO app on their Android device.
  2. Convert an existing physical PRESTO card into a digital version using the PRESTO app. Convert your card by clicking on the “Convert to Google Wallet” button. Once you convert a physical card to a digital version in your Google Wallet, the physical PRESTO card will no longer work.

A physical PRESTO card that is converted to a digital card in Google Wallet will retain the same account details. This includes: funds, fare type (e.g. Senior) and account information, however; existing transaction history will not be transferred.

Features of PRESTO in Google wallet

  • There is no cost for a new digital PRESTO card
  • You can manage your digital PRESTO card in Google Wallet through the PRESTO website or PRESTO app on your Android device
  • Works everywhere physical PRESTO cards are accepted

Visit the PRESTO website for more details.