Route 110 University Express Resumes Service on Feb. 7

MiWay will be restoring service on Route 110 University Express on Feb. 7, 2022 as in-person learning and work activities at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) campus resume.

Updated schedules for the Route 110 University Express will be available in our online trip planner a few days prior to Feb. 7.

Route 110 was temporarily suspended earlier this year in response to schools delaying in-person learning, which reduced customer demand, and transit operator staff shortages due to COVID-19 self-isolation requirements.

At this time, Route 101/101A Dundas Express remains suspended. Customers can access Route 1C Dundas-Collegeway as an alternate service that travels to and from UTM. MiWay is also re-allocating available 60-foot articulated buses to Route 1C to increase passenger capacity and prevent potential instances of overcrowding.

MiWay continues to implement temporary service changes in response to COVID-19 related staff shortages (symptomatic and isolations) to free up resources for re-allocation and deliver more reliable service where it is needed most.

Before a route is suspended, MiWay staff carefully consider various scenarios to lessen the impact service reductions have on customers, including:

  • Monitoring ridership levels on each route to ensure MiWay is adapting to changes in demand, while balancing daily service delivery challenges as it relates to current staffing shortages
  • Allocating longer buses (60-foot articulated) on routes where ridership is higher to reduce potential overcrowding
  • Ensuring alternate routes are available so customers can access other service options
  • Updating customers about service changes in advance so customers can plan ahead