Service changes take effect on Monday, Oct. 25, 2021

MiWay will be implementing service changes to ensure that our on-street service continues to adapt to customer needs and connect to new destinations.

MiWay is committed to monitoring ridership levels across the transit network as travel patterns continue to evolve in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery framework.

The following service changes will launch on Monday, October 25, 2021:

  1. Routes will be revised and schedules will be updated to service the new Churchill Meadows Community Centre
  • 9 Rathburn-Thomas will connect (Mon to Sun) the new Churchill Meadows Community Centre and City Centre Transit Terminal via Thomas St and Rathburn Rd .
  • 35 Eglinton will service (Mon to Sun) the new Churchill Meadows Community Centre along Eglinton Ave connecting Renforth Transitway Station and Kipling Bus Terminal.
  • 35A Eglinton-Tenth Line will be cancelled to avoid service duplication. The revised Route 35 – Eglinton will service Erin Centre Blvd and Tenth Line (Eastbound only).
  1. Reducing service where demand has decreased
  • 49A McDowell-Streetsville GO will be cancelled due to low ridership demand. Customers can take Route 9 Rathburn-Thomas to the Streetsville GO Station.
  • Route 49 McDowell will continue to operate on weekdays with revised hours of service (10:00 AM to 8:00 PM).

Please check for updated schedules.

  1. Adding more service where demand has increased
    There will be more trips on these routes:
  • Weekday: 42 Derry (late night), 51 Tomken (rush hours and midday), and 53 Kennedy (rush hours and midday)
  • Saturday: 66 McLaughlin (morning)
  • Sunday: 66 McLaughlin (all day).

The hours of service will be extended on these routes:

  • Weekday: 103 Hurontario
  • Saturday: 23 Lakeshore, 26 Burnhamthorpe, and 39 Britannia
  • Sunday: 1 Dundas, 5 Dixie, 11 Westwood, 17 Hurontario, 26 Burnhamthorpe, 39 Britannia, 42 Derry, and 103 Hurontario.

Please check for updated schedules.

  1. Schedule Adjustments to Improve Service Reliability
    Schedules will be adjusted on these routes in response to changes in traffic conditions:
  • Weekday: Routes 3 Bloor, 10 Bristol-Britannia, 26 Burnhamthrope, and 46 Tenth Line-Osprey.
  • Saturday: Route 39 Britannia.

Please check for updated schedules.

  1. Revised Weekend Service to Sheridan College
  • Route 61 Mavis weekend routing and schedules will change to service Sheridan College seven days a week. The weekend routing will be no longer service Financial Dr and be consistent with the weekday routing.
  1. Platform changes at the Westwood Square Transit Terminal

Bus stop locations will change at this terminal to support service delivery using more, 60-foot articulated buses on Derry Road.

  • 11 Westwood moves to Platform B (from Platform J)
  • 16/16A Malton moves to Platform E (from Platform H)
  • 42/42A Derry moves Platform H (from Platform B)
  • 107 Malton Express: Platform K is renamed Platform I (same location on Morning Star Drive – stop #7100)

Westwood Square Transit Terminal revised map.

Next planned service change – Monday, December 20, 2021.