Some bus route names will change on Monday, July 1 

Updated: June 17, 2024

To improve the customer experience, MiWay is changing some route names so they are easier to read on the bus destination signs and follow a more consistent route naming convention. There is no change to the actual routing of these services or the bus route number.

This update will eliminate unnecessarily long route names, so bus routes are easier to identify on-street. This is especially helpful at bus stops that are served by multiple routes.

Here is a list of all the route names that will change on July 1.

Previous route name New route name
1C Dundas-Collegeway 1C Dundas
4 Sherway Gardens 4 North Service Road
9 Rathburn-Thomas 9 Rathburn
10 Bristol-Britannia 10 Bristol
14A Lorne Park Industrial 14A Lorne Park
18 McLaughlin-Derry 18 Derry
29 Park Royal-Homelands 29 Park Royal
 36 Colonial-Ridgeway 36 Ridgeway
 38A Creditview-Argentia 38 Creditview
 43 Matheson-Argentia 43 Matheson
45A Winston Churchill-Speakman 45A Winston Churchill
 46 Tenth Line-Osprey 46 Tenth Line
 49A McDowell-Streetsville GO 49A McDowell
57 Courtneypark via Infield Loop 57A Courtneypark
 71 Sheridan-Subway 71 Sheridan
76 City-Centre Subway 76 Burnhamthorpe
87 Meadowvale-Skymark 87 Skymark
108 Meadowvale Business Express 108 Financial Express

There will also be other service changes that also take place on Monday, July 1.