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Economic Development Office Strategy
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The Economic Development Strategy represents the overall vision and desired outcomes from a strategic planning process and presents a view of the type of community that Mississauga could become – where the development and attraction of talent is central to success, where the City is recognized for its innovation and leadership in an emerging economy, and where the City itself is promoted nationally and internationally for its capabilities and success.

To help EDO achieve these outcomes, City Council received our new international marketing strategy entitled, “Mississauga - Canada’s Global Investment Destination: An International Marketing Strategy”, prepared by consultants MillierDickinsonBlais Inc.  The report presents an over-arching theme for the City to embrace in its international marketing efforts. This theme attempts to capture the most significant elements of Mississauga that influence the city’s current identity and convey them in a way that differentiates Mississauga from its competition.

To review the complete International Marketing Strategy Click on the link below.

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