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With a population of 741,000, Mississauga is a young, successful city with a strong vision for our future. We have grown from a collection of several small communities into a major urban centre and a place where people choose to live, work and play.


2014 is a busy year for our City.  We mark a significant milestone as we celebrate our 40th anniversary as a municipality.  We have built a great legacy and have a lot to be proud of.  Take a moment to learn about Mississauga’s history and visit our anniversary website. Enjoy 40 stories or “sagas” that highlight our growth, achievements and commitment to excellence.


This year marks another milestone for our corporation. We are introducing a new City brand for Mississauga.  Our new

brand reflects our vision and demonstrates why you should choose Mississauga as a great place to live, work, study and visit.


We continue to advance our 2014-16 Business Plan and Budget and remain focused on our priorities:

·         We are maintaining our infrastructure by investing in our Stormwater Program to reduce flooding and manage rain and melted snow runoff from residential, commercial and public lands. A new user fee will help offset the cost of our future stormwater needs.

·         We are implementing cost containment strategies by upgrading to Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting on streets and in more than 20 community ice rinks over a 4-year period starting in 2015.  LED lighting saves operating and maintenance costs and reduces our carbon footprint.

·          We are advancing on our Strategic Plan with development projects including our Downtown 21 vision, transitway stations along Highway 403, plans for Light Rail Transit (LRT) along Hurontario, Inspiration Port Credit and Inspiration Lakeview waterfront master plans, Phase II of the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning .  Our Economic Development Office continues to attract new businesses, expand our economic base and bring jobs to Mississauga.

·         We are delivering the right services by focusing on a review of our Emergency Plans, specifically the measures we take during extreme weather.  We continue to learn from the weather events we experienced in 2013 and look for ways to improve our current practices.


On October 27 we are heading to the polls to elect our local government. This election we can expect to see changes on our Council as Mayor McCallion retires after 36 years of service, and other members of Council make decisions about their future.  It takes a lot of people to run an election and we will be looking to fill 3,500 positions. We need your support to ensure our election runs smoothly. If you’re interested in working the election visit the Mississauga Elections website to apply for a position.  Be prepared on Election Day – know your ward, research candidates and ensure your name is on the voters’ list.  You can update your information online at www.voterlookup.ca.  Learn more about Mississauga’s 2014 election.


There is a lot happening this year.  Stay engaged in initiatives that are shaping and transforming our city by checking our website regularly.  A great place to start is our City Projects tab located at the bottom of our home page - it includes updates and links to large projects and a listing of City Plans and Citizen Reports. Our Strategic Plan offers information about our 40-year vision for Mississauga. Another great way to stay connected is by joining our social networks on Facebook and Twitter,  


With a strong commitment to our corporate values of Trust, Quality and Excellence, we will continue to make Mississauga a strong, vibrant city where people choose to be. 


For more information on City services explore our website or contact 3-1-1.  To contact the City Manager's Office please email city.manager@mississauga.ca.


Janice M. Baker FCPA, FCA

City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer

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