Development Charges

In the past, the City has funded much of its infrastructure projects through charges that developers paid to the City to build new homes and businesses in Mississauga. 

Because Mississauga grew rapidly over the last 20 years, the revenue the City gained through development charges was significant. 

Now, with the City largely built, most development projects are smaller in scale, and the revenue received from development charges is much lower.  As Mississauga continues to welcome new residents, many will likely be housed in existing housing.  That means our population will grow, but the City won’t receive development charges to fund the infrastructure that may be needed.

Provincial Law limits the types of infrastructure costs development charges can fund. As well it does not allow municipalities to fund maintenance and repair through development charges. 

When infrastructure starts to deteriorate, municipalities must fund repair and maintenance through property taxes or find other sources of funding.

  1. Approved Development Charge By-law 0161-2014
  2. Proposed Development Charge By-law 2014 – Public Meeting: May 14, 2014