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Architectural Plans/Mechanical and Structural Drawings

All requests for architectural plans/drawings are processed under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the Act).

To receive a copy of architectural plans/drawings, requesters must complete an Access/Correction Request Form, available from the Office of the City Clerk, or from this website.

Requesters should also be aware of the following:

Copyright Requirements
Subsection 32.1(1) of the Copyright Act provides that the disclosure of a record pursuant to a request made under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the "Act"), is not a violation of copyright.  This means that copies of architectural plans, drawings and/or specifications, may be provided in response to a request under the Act unless another exemption applies to the records.  Please note that the person to whom the record is provided, is still bound by copyright.

Owner's Permission Required
City of Mississauga policy requires that a requester must be the owner of the property or if not the owner, must provide written consent of the owner before a request will be processed.

Non-Refundable Application Fee
In accordance with the Act, an application fee of $5.00 must accompany the request.  This fee is not waivable or refundable.

Reproduction Fees
There is a reproduction fee of approximately $3.00-$4.00 per sheet.  If original is on microfiche additional reproduction charges may be applicable.

Cancellation of Request
After making a request, but prior to delivery of the plans, if the requester determines that the plans are no longer required, please notify the Access and Privacy Officer by calling (905) 615-3200 Ext. 5181 or 5952.

Processing Time
Processing a request for building drawings will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

Quality of Drawings
Although the City will release drawings in the highest quality available, the drawings may not be sufficient for approval in any permit processes.

Availability of drawings
Please note the following about the availability of drawings:

  • Single Family & Semi-Detached 
    The City only holds drawings and records for 7 years from the date of FINAL inspection/occupancy.
  • Industrial/Commercial & Multiple Family dwellings available
    The City may not have some drawings for the former municipalities.
  • Please note: The City does not keep or review electrical drawings.

Where can I obtain a survey of my property?

The answer depends on the type of survey plan you need.

Registered Plans of Subdivision, are the plans approved under the Planning Act that create buildable lots that conform with zoning. They can be purchased from the Service Ontario office in Brampton for a nominal fee. Modern subdivision plans will show lot dimensions and survey "monumentation" (bars) but do not show buildings or other improvements on the property.

Reference Plans are essentially plans of survey that are "deposited" in the Land Registry Office and are used to illustrate parcels of land, or "parts". The "parts" may or may not represent buildable lots. Similar to Plans of Subdivision, Reference Plans will show property dimensions, survey monumentation and may show the location of fences in relation to the boundaries but generally do not show buildings or other improvements on the property. Reference Plans can also be purchased from the Land Registry Office for a nominal fee.

The other major class of legal survey plans is the Surveyors Real Property Report, formerly known as a Building Location Survey or simply Survey Certificate. These plans show lot dimensions, survey monumentation, buildings, garages, decks, pools and other major improvements to the property as well as easements, rights-of-way and other property interests. This type of survey is typically sought after by homeowners when fencing or planning improvements on the property. These survey plans are prepared by an Ontario Land Surveyor under contract with the property owner and copyright is retained by the Land Surveyor who performed the survey. Unlike Plans of Subdivision and Reference Plans which are available from the Land Registry Office, Surveyors Real Property Reports are not kept on file in any public registry system including the Land Registry Office, at the City of Mississauga or anywhere else. If you are aware or suspect that your property was surveyed sometime in the past, it is best to contact the Ontario Land Surveyor who performed the survey for further information.

The Ontario government's ServiceOntario office is located at 1 Gateway Boulevard, Brampton. Plans of Subdivision, Condominium Plans, Reference Plans and land title documents can be obtained there for a nominal fee.

Ontario Land Surveyor
A listing of Ontario Land Surveyors licensed to practice Cadastral (legal) surveys can be found in the yellow pages under "Surveyors - Land" in the local telephone book or online at

Association of Ontario Land Surveyors
For more information about surveys and plans and the Survey profession in general, please contact the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors in Toronto at 1-800-268-0718.

For further information on architectural plans/drawings, contact:

Access and Privacy Officer
Office of the City Clerk
City of Mississauga
300 City Centre Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
L5B 3C1

Telephone:  905-615-3200 Ext. 5181 or 5952
Fax: 905-615-4181