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City's Stormwater Charge Program Receives Environment Award

Jun 22, 2016

At today’s Council meeting, the City of Mississauga’s Stormwater Charge Program was recognized for receiving the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) Environment Award for addressing the pressures of managing stormwater in a growing municipality, with aging infrastructure and climate change.

“This national recognition from the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators is very encouraging,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “Stormwater management is an important priority for the City of Mississauga. There are increasing pressures on our aging infrastructure and more stormwater is entering our system than ever before. Safe, reliable stormwater infrastructure is crucial to city-building. The stormwater charge remains an important, forward looking and responsible decision made by Council. It is helping us protect our environment and build a stronger and more reliable future for Mississauga.”
“Staff developed an award winning program that addresses the unique needs of Mississauga,” said Janice Baker, City Manager and CAO. “It is rewarding to be recognized at this level by our peers from across Canada. I would like to thank Council for their support through the more than five years of work and planning involved on the stormwater charge. We could not have done it without their strong support and leadership.” 

“Staff from all City departments helped to develop and implement the program and policies for the stormwater charge,” said Helen Noehammer, Director of Transportation and Infrastructure Planning. “We began with a study in 2012 and proceeded to develop an effective program that provides the City with a dedicated source of funding allowing for new and necessary investments to keep our stormwater system in good working order and to avoid costly repairs in the future.”

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Front Row:
Michelle Berquist, Project Manager; Janice Baker, City Manager and CAO; Mayor Bonnie Crombie; Jeff Renaud, Director CAMA;  Helen Noehammer, Director Transportation and Infrastructure Planning; Jeremy Blair, Storm Drainage Programming Engineer; Ivana Di Millo, Director Communications

Back Row:
Mary Ellen Bench, City Solicitor; Shawn Slack, Director Information Technology; Jeff Jackson, Director Finance and Treasurer; Gary Kent, Commissioner Corporate Services and  Chief Financial Officer

Stormwater Charge
The City did a study with input from the public in 2012 and found a stormwater charge to be a fair and dedicated source of funding to manage stormwater now and into the future. Council approved in principle, the use of a charge on December 12, 2012. Staff reported back on an implementation plan for the charge, which was approved on December 11, 2013. Council approved the full program for the stormwater charge in May 2015.
In 2016, the new stormwater charge will generate $33M in revenue: $12.3M of which will go towards operations and maintenance activities and $20.7M that will go towards infrastructure renewal.

How it works
Properties in Mississauga are divided into residential, multi-residential or non-residential categories. For multi-residential and non-residential properties, the total hard surface area of each property is individually assessed.  For residential properties, each property is assigned to one of five tiers (smallest to largest) based on the rooftop area of the house which is used as a predictor of the total hard surface area on the property. For more information visit

The Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators is a national, non-profit association open to all Chief Administrative Officers/City Managers and any person employed in a senior management position that reports directly to the CAO. CAMA has a membership of over 500 City Managers, Chief Administrative Officers and Senior Appointed Officials from all parts of Canada.
CAMA Environment Award
The Environment Award recognizes the commitment of a municipality to environmentally sustainable governance, to protecting the environment and to combating climate change. Awards are granted to programs, projects or services that have made a significant and positive impact on the environment.

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