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About MiWay

About Us

As Ontario's third largest municipal transit service provider, MiWay serves a growing population of 752,000 across 179 square kilometres in Mississauga. MiWay routes create economical and efficient transportation connections between popular destinations throughout the city and our services connect with neighbouring transit systems including GO Transit, TTC, Brampton Transit and Oakville Transit.

Our Vision

A lifestyle choice to your destination

Our Mission

To provide a customer-focused transit service that offers safe, accessible and efficient transportation options for all citizens

MiWay provides customers with two types of service: MiExpress for express travel on blue buses servicing limited-stop routes, and MiLocal for local travel on orange buses along regular and school routes.

MiExpress and MiLocal Buses

MiWay has over 930 transit operators, more than 460 buses, and more than 85 bus routes servicing over 3,600 bus stops. All MiWay buses are fully accessible.

In 2011, 2013, and 2015, MiWay has consistently scored an overall customer satisfaction rating of 82 per cent.

Focusing on Customer Service

Listening and responding to customers

Listening and responding to customers

Providing services that meet the needs of our customers is critical to our success. We implement route and schedule changes every six to eight weeks, and allocate service hours to meet the growing demand for frequent weekday (Monday to Friday) rush hour service.

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Providing real-time bus updates

Real-time bus updates are available to our customers through MiWay's responsive plan a trip website, the digital signs at the City Centre Transit Terminal and at Mississauga Transitway Stations and the Open Data: Downloadable real-time trip update GTFS Feed.

Plan a Trip

Building customer champions

Building customer champions

We listen to our employees because they are advocates for our customers. We invest in our employees through training, new uniforms and by providing competitive compensation. Our employees are the face of MiWay and our commitment to them translates into our commitment to provide excellent customer service for our passengers each day.

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Putting safety first

Putting safety first

Safety is a priority at MiWay and it takes the cooperation of you, the customer, to make each ride a safe one. All MiWay buses are equipped with video surveillance and Transit Enforcement Officers work in partnership with area police services and other security units to ensure the safety of our passengers and Transit Operators.

Are You Ready to Ride?

Delivering Value to the Community

Delivering Value to the Community

MiWay is committed to providing customer driven, quality transit services to the travelling public in a safe, reliable, clean and cost effective manner. Here's how we’re making transit better, faster and easier in Mississauga.

Delivering Value in the Community

Providing affordable transit

Providing affordable transit

MiWay offers customers a variety of fare categories and the choice to ride using a monthly pass, tickets, cash or PRESTO. You can earn free trips on MiWay through the PRESTO Loyalty Program, and a Freedom Pass program allows youth aged 12 to 14 to travel on MiWay for free during the summer.


Connecting Cities

MiWay routes create economical and efficient transportation connections between popular destinations throughout the city and our services connect with neighbouring transit systems including GO Transit, TTC, Brampton Transit and Oakville Transit

Link to Brampton Transit Website

Link to GO Transit website

Link to Oakville Transit Website

Link to TTC websitr

Link to Metrolinx Website


Go Green with MiWay

Vehicles are a leading source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and pollutants that contribute to poor air quality and smog. By getting out of your car and riding MiWay, you are helping the environment by reducing the amount of GHG emissions, as one bus can eliminate up to 40 vehicles from the road.

Go Green:

Ride your bike

Rethink your commute

  • Leave your car at home with GO Transit
  • Learn more about alternative travel options at Smart Commute
  • Use your reloadable PRESTO card to connect between MiWay and other transit systems

Visit the City of Mississauga’s environment webpage to learn more: mississauga.ca/portal/residents/environment.


MiWay’s Outreach Team participates in more than 150 events annually throughout the city. The team also organizes MiWay information sessions for students, older adults and local businesses.

MiWay will be hosting public information sessions in fall 2016 to review the proposed service changes for 2017 and provide a progress update on the changes made in 2016. 

Do you have a group that wants to learn more about MiWay's new and evolving services?

Invite the MiWay Outreach team to your event, simply e-mail your event details to: miwayoutreach@mississauga.ca.