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The Community Group Registry Program is designed to support not-for-profit community groups and organizations who are governed by a volunteer board. The Registry Program supports Registered Groups by providing access to City resources and support from Community Development staff.

Why join the Registry Program? Here are a few benefits:

  • Permission to promote your programs on a Mobile Sign on a City road allowance
  • Access to a discounted rental rate at our community centres and facilities
  • Affiliate Insurance program.

...and more! For more benefits, click here.

The Community Group Registry Program, formally the Community Group Support Program (Policy 08-01-01), was endorsed by General Committee on March 21,2018. Click here to review the policy.

Existing Groups

Groups that were previously part of the Community Group Support Program (Affiliated and Recognized Community Groups) will have to renew their status under their new Registered Group Category 90 days following their next Annual General Meeting (AGM). Groups will be given a one year transition period starting from the date of their 2018/19 Annual General Meeting (AGM) to their 2019/20 AGM date to meet all of the new requirements. To help with your renewal, please refer to the Community Group Registry Program Checklist below for your approved Registered Group Category.

Community Group Registry Program Checklists

Click here to renew your status Renew Your Community Group's Status on CORA

Helpful Tips for Using CORA

  1. Creating and Submitting an Application (PDF)
  2. Forgot Your Password (PDF)

As you are working on your application you can SAVE the document by clicking the 'Save and Continue Editing' button at the bottom of the form.

You may contact the Community Development Unit by email at: or by calling 905-615 3200 ext. 5329

New Groups

Not-for-Profit Community Groups and organizations may express their interest in joining the Registry Program by completing the Statement of Interest Form. For more information about the eligibility criteria please review the policy and the following documents:

If you have questions or require additional information, please contact the Community Development Unit by email at: or by calling 905-615 3200 ext. 5329.