Office of Emergency Management

Residential Emergency Preparedness and Resilience Survey

The City of Mississauga is conducting a survey to understand how prepared you are for an emergency.

Please take a few moments and complete the survey. Your feedback is very important.

Mississauga Office of Emergency Management works under the direction of the City's Emergency Management Program Committee and is responsible for the development, implementation, and management of emergency planning initiatives. These initiatives support citywide preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery in emergency situations. This includes the development, updating and execution of policies and procedures to be adopted in regard to prevention, preparedness, response and recovery phases of emergencies.

The office promotes emergency preparedness for all citizens of the City of Mississauga as well as businesses and organizations. The office ensures development and delivery of adequate training of all City staff, elected officials, external agencies, and volunteers involved in our Emergency Program. Our efforts are directed to building resilience for the City and all the individuals that work or live in the City.

This guide outlines steps that you and your family can take right now to best ensure that you are prepared for flood emergency events in your community. View and Download.

Emergency Preparedness Tips