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Kindree Cemetery

Kindree Cemetery is located at 3790 Derry Road West, on the South side of Derry Road West. It is one of the last visible reminders of a pioneer settlement called Lisgar and the pioneers that once called this corner of Mississauga home.


The Kindree Cemetery is the final resting place for the seven children of Nathan and Mary Kindree. The gravestones show that the Kindree children died between 1829 and 1839. Nathan and Mary Kindree had a total of 12 children in total, five of which survived and raised their own families in the same community.

Fast Facts

First Burial on Record: 1829
Acres of Land: 0.1
Approximate # of Burials: 7

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A Look Back to the History of our Pioneers

The cemetery and the weathered stones are a testament to the early childhood mortality rate in the nineteenth century and a reminder of the pioneer families that settled here in the 1820's. Many of the tombstones are in poor condition and have been moved into a flower bed to better preserve them.

The cemetery is beautifully landscaped in a 'passive park' style, with an emphasis on preservation and opening the area to pedestrian access. Along with the Kindree children, there are over thirty accounted burials in this cemetery.

To preserve the cemetery, it required designation under the Ontario Heritage Act for its historical significance. In February of 1998, the Lisgar Residents Association met with the City of Mississauga staff to establish a partnership to rehabilitate the cemetery due to the importance it served to the community of Lisgar.

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