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Port Credit Harbour
West Parks

Preliminary Design and Development Plan

The City’s vision for Port Credit Harbour West Parks is to develop a vibrant waterfront destination that integrates programmable and flexible multi-use civic spaces, facilities that support water-oriented activities such as boating and fishing, and a continuous water’s edge promenade with the natural and cultural heritage features of the project area.

The project area includes Port Credit Memorial Park (West) (P-106), Lakeshore Road Bridge Underpass connection, Marina Park (P-112) and the Rivergate easement.


Building upon the recommendations outlined in the Pre-Design Report/Environmental Study Report and Waterfront Parks Strategy, the objectives of this project are to:

  • Provide for a complete design in support of the confirmed shoreline and park programs.
  • Design for flexibility and to functionally support existing and proposed park site programming.
  • Design to enhance the west side of river/ harbour as a destination for residents, visitors and businesses.
  • Create a safe public urban waterfront environment on water and land.
  • Improve the interconnections between the parks and within the larger urban waterfront context.
  • Create a design that is economically achievable.


  • A water users stakeholders meeting was held on February 14, 2017, to discuss how to accommodate the interests of the various water users groups.
  • A Public Open House was held May 30, 2017, 6:00-8:00 pm at Clarke Memorial Hall with the consulting team facilitating the meeting. See below for presentation materials from the Public Open House:
    1. PowerPoint Presentation and
    2. Panels with 3 Concept Options.
  • A project team meeting was held in June 2017 to consider all of the input received from the public.
  • Assessment of potential realignment of the Waterfront Trail ramp.
  • Consolidated key park elements with pre-engineering information into a concept plan and construction cost estimates.
  • The concept plan with supporting plans and graphics were reviewed by the following groups: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, Environmental Action Committee, Facility Accessibility Design Subcommittee, Heritage Advisory Committee, Mississauga Urban Design Advisory Panel and Credit Valley Conservation.

Urban Design Advisory Panel - Briefing PackagePDF document

Project Update

To date we have completed a number of steps to obtain information and feedback in order to arrive at the final concept plan. We are still open to feedback that could be incorporated into detailed design.

Port Credit Harbour West Parks Final Concept PlanPDF document

Key Planning Elements

The following is a summary of key elements incorporated into the final concept plan. Below, elements are organized by park/location.

Marina Park

  • River Promenade and lookout points at river’s edge;
  • Retain charter boat area in current location;
  • Redeveloped launch ramps for boat/trailer access and non-motorized boats;
  • Secured and improved charter boat docks with fish cleaning station;
  • Flexible multi-use parking/event space to support fishing, boating, and park activities;
  • Car/trailer parking and improved access/circulation;
  • Improved Streetscape with Waterfront Trail on Front St. South;
  • Clean-up existing vegetation and overhead cables on Front St. South;
  • Modify the Waterfront Trail ramp to take advantage of elevated grades to shorten the bridge and separate the conflicting users;
  • Variety of shade and seating options;
  • Small pockets of open green space and trees;
  • Improved coastal edge;
  • Flood-proof the park by raising grade elevation above the 100-year flood line elevation;
  • Elevated pedestrian connection along the river to J.C. Saddington Park;
  • Pedestrian underpass connection between Marina Park and Port Credit Memorial Park (West).

Marina Park Final ConceptPDF document

Port Credit Memorial Park (West)

  • Planted terracing designed to include seating and a small civic plaza to encourage activities like picnics and to watch rowing and fireworks;
  • River Promenade near the river’s edge that meanders and provides access to lookout points;
  • Naturalization of the shoreline;
  • Improved streetscape along Front St. North;
  • Improved coastal edge.

Port Credit Memorial Park Final ConceptPDF document

Design Brief ReportPDF document

The Design Brief Report includes design concept descriptions and drawings for each park.

Next Step (Underway)

Retain consultants for the development of the detailed design, agency consultation, approvals and preparation of contract documents for tender.

Background Details

The Port Credit Harbour West Parks system boasts one of the City’s most diverse and popular water-related uses and is one of Mississauga’s most widely used recreational tourism destinations. It plays a significant role in delivering the waterfront experience that visitors anticipate as well as providing great opportunities for the active, water-based recreation, boating, fishing and passive enjoyment of the City’s lake and river’s edge.

The Waterfront Parks Strategy (2008) set the place for undertaking urban park development and established a series of objectives, program requirements and concept plans for each of the Port Credit Harbour West Parks. These objectives were advanced through a Class Environmental Assessment in 2013, resulting in the Large Block Concept Plan.

The Port Credit Harbour West Parks project is a continuation of the work completed during the Class EA and works to refine the Large Block Concept into a development plan with detailed costing for Port Credit Memorial Park (West); the lakeshore bridge underpass; Marina Park and the Rivergate Easement (Note: J.C. Saddington Park is excluded from scope of the current phase due to budget).

This phase of work included:

  • Pre-engineering investigations and site analysis;
  • Site servicing update and investigations;
  • Program refinement;
  • Stakeholders and public consultation;
  • Preliminary park design options;
  • Final development plan; and
  • Refined costing.

Project Plan and Timing

  • 2017: Preliminary Design and Development Plan (Complete)
  • 2018/2020: Detailed Design, Agency Consultation and Approvals
  • 2021/2022: Construction


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