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Streetsville Public Cemetery

Streetsville Public Cemetery is located at 1786 Bristol Road West on the south side of Bristol Road/ Main Street between Mississauga Road/ Queen Street South and Creditview Road. It was established in 1892 when Streetsville Memorial Cemetery had reached its capacity. It is one of the most beautiful, well landscaped cemeteries in Southern Ontario as it overlooks the East Bank of the Credit River.


In 1890, the Streetsville Cemetery Company Ltd. formed with the goal to establish a burial ground for all religions. In May 1891, the Provincial Board of Health approved a site east of the Credit River for the cemetery. The first burial appears to have been at the end of July, 1892 - a five year old child by the name of Nathaniel William (Willie) Brown, who drowned in the Credit River at Barbertown on July 16, 1892. There are multiple stones within the cemetery which indicate dates of death before 1892; however, it is unlikely that there would have been burials before the survey date.

Fast Facts

First Burial on Record: 1892
Approximate # of Burials: 3707

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Find Peace Through it's Beautiful Setting

Streetsville Public Cemetery is a park-like setting, where mature trees abound, lining the roadway. The cemetery also offers a wildlife habitat for native woodland creatures. Older gravestones prevail in the southern section while newer ones comprise the northern part.

The cemetery exemplifies nineteenth century cemetery design in its layout and has evolved over time. It has historical value as an active cemetery which has continued to serve the community for over 100 years. The arrangement, symbolism and material of the monuments contribute to our understanding of the historical figures that they commemorate. In addition to historic burial practice, the cemetery yields information that contributes to our understanding of the areas citizens.

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