Passenger Safety and Security
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Enforcement Officers Provide Added Security

Transit has created another service to help protect your safety as you travel by bus or wait at a stop.

If you have a safety concern or need help - and you're unable to speak to a bus driver - call Transit Enforcement Services at 905-615-4704.

You can remain anonymous when you call this number to report an incident or concern. So please help us to help you by calling 905-615-4704 when you need to.

This new service - supported by a team of Transit Enforcement Officers - was created to ensure the continued safety of passengers and our employees as our transit system continues to grow.

Transit Enforcement Officers work in partnership with area police services and other security units to ensure that our passengers can safely enjoy travelling on our buses, and our employees can work in a safe work environment. The combined efforts of our Transit Enforcement Officers, area police services, and other security units will help to uphold the system's laws and regulations.

A Transit Enforcement Officer has the authority to arrest, issue fines or ban someone from using the transit system. Their authorization to do so comes from various forms of legislation, including the Criminal Code of Canada, Public Works Protection Act, Trespass to Property Act and the Transit (rules and regulations) bylaw 425-03 in the City of Mississauga.

You can recognize a Transit Enforcement Officer by his or her uniform, which includes a black vest over a grey shirt. You may see one patrolling a transit terminal or helping someone in need.

Feel free to approach a Transit Enforcement Officer if you have a safety concern, or call 905-615-4704 at any time.